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When it comes to getting off, Tiff’s our talented overachiever.

Internal, external, or both at the same time, she makes every ménage à moi a scream-worthy experience. And that’s before you’ve even made your way through all 20 settings…

Her pocket-size may look sweet, but she’s not one to hold back. And although she can  take a little adjusting to get her in the right position for you (we're all slightly different!) once you do, she will happily take you to O town again and again. 

HOT TIP: squeeze those legs together when she's in place 🥵💦

Waterproof, feather soft, and uber flexible, Tiff hits all the right spots. 

And we mean allll the right spots - during the trial phase one of our testers fell to her knees, the other had to grip to the shower wall for dear life.

The way you like it, is the way you’ll have it.

Happy place here you come.

If you have any other concerns that may affect its use, please contact your healthcare professional. Contact your healthcare professional before use if you have any implanted devices such as a pacemaker. If on the rare occasion Tiff is not for you and you find it uncomfortable, please discontinue use.


Please see our Shipping Policy for details on timeframes and address changes etc. 

Tiff FAQs

Whats the best position to use Tiff?

Every vulva is special in her own way so we don’t have a perfected position for Tiff users. Instead, we recommend trying out a range of positions to find the magic spot. For some vulva owners that means cowgirl position, others love lying on their back (hands free) and squeezing their legs together, or another popular option is using Tiff while positioned on your hands and knees. There is no right or wrong way.

How to insert Tiff?

Slow and steady wins the big-o, especially when Tiff is involved. As an an external and internal vibe, we recommend getting comfortable with her external arm first and adding plenty of lube before taking things internal.

Can I use Tiff with my partner

Absolutely! Tiff was made for solo or partner play. One way you could do this is by using both her external and internal arm while your partner penetrates you from behind, or experiment until you and your partner find a way that works for you.

How do I turn it on

Tiff is a good time made easy and only has three buttons - wild, we know.

Top button:

Turns on external arm. Each press increases suction intensity. To turn off the external arm simply press down on the button.

Middle button:

Decrease suction intensity.

Bottom button:

Turns on internal arm. Each press changes the vibration setting. To turn off the internal arm simply press down on the button.

Is Tiff waterproof?

Tiff loves a bit of TLC in the tub or the shower, and her IPX-7 waterproof rating means she can spend up to 30 minutes under one meter of water or less. What a vibe!



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