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She was originally going to be called ‘the reason why girls get off’ but that was too long.

The saying “small but mighty” was made for our Missy Mini. With such a petite shape, her level of power is something you don’t see coming...until you are too.

The perks of being small mean she’s discreet and quiet, but after some vigorous testing (and some not so vigorous, depending on the mood) on people with vulvas, we can’t promise that you will be!

Missy Mini is USB chargeable, ready for the bedroom, road trips, boring meetings, or wherever the mood takes you.

As an external vibrator, Missy Mini is a clitoral vacuum that compares to mind-blowing oral sex - hall-le-lujah.  Changing the level of intensity is as easy as pushing the plus and minus buttons, so all YOU have to focus on is enjoying yourself.

O train here you come.


Specifications - Missy Mini Specs

Purchasing a Missy Mini includes a charger

Please see our Shipping Policy for details on timeframes and address changes etc. 

If you have any other concerns that may affect its use, please contact your healthcare professional. Contact your healthcare professional before use if you have any implanted devices such as a pacemaker. If on the rare occasion Missy Mini is not for you and you find it uncomfortable, please discontinue use. 

Please note, Missy Mini is not waterproof.


“Can I give 500 stars instead of 5? In fact, make that 500,000. Best. Orgasms. Ever.”




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